Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Such a Cutie!

This picture is one of the ornaments on the tree in Logan's bedroom.  It was made by Sue who was his daycare provider when he was younger. Logan had just turned three in this picture.

My, oh my!  What a cutie!!!
And when did he get to be so grown up???

Friday, November 30, 2012

Love Them More Than Life Itself!!

Kevin and I took some time last weekend to do some shopping and run some errands while the kids just vegged at home.  While we were gone our conversations led to the kids and how time goes by so quickly.  We have been married for over 12 years.  Victoria is 10 and Logan just celebrated his 9th birthday.  I struggle with how quickly time flies by.  I tuck my kids in bed at night and just feel so grateful for all that we have become as a family.

In today's society, family means something totally different than it did 10 years ago.  It is so sad to hear my kids talk about some of their friends and the language they use and the way they speak to their teachers, parents and other adults. It breaks my heart. 

I am thankful for both of my children and that they each have tender hearts towards others.  Lets face it - growing up today CANNOT be easy.  Kids are mean and they don't care if they hurt others feelings.  It is all about "ME" and what "I" can do to look good in front of others.  It is also hard to go against the "flow" and be "different". 

This is something we are teaching both our children - and WOW!  is it difficult sometimes!  It is difficult to see the hurt in their eyes or the pain when they are made fun of for something. 

But at the same time, it is rewarding when I hear from teachers that our kids are a blessing to have in their classrooms.  They love their positive attitudes and their willingness to always want to help others.

No, my kids are far from perfect, but I am going to continue to bring them up in a God honoring home that shows love,  not hate.  That gives hugs, not a cold shoulder.  That encourages, not tares down.  That prays together and uses Godly examples, not putting religion on the back burner.

I LOVE these pictures of the kids and I.  It was Thanksgiving morning before we headed out to have lunch with Kevin.  They both wanted a picture with me - I was SHOCKED!! :)  I love them dearly and pray daily for each of them to continue to make choices that will honor God and bring joy to each of their lives.

Thank you, Lord, for their lives and for their attitudes. Help me to grow and continue to look to You for strength and direction in leading my family.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

October Visit with Grandparents!

It's been a couple of months and maybe one day I will expound on why I took a little blogging break but I am happy to back and have some major catching up to do!

We had a beautiful visit with my parents and nephew back in October.  The main reason for them coming out was to see the kids play sports and cheer.  It was awesome!! 

Victoria and Logan had no CLUE they were coming and were so surprised!!  LOVE IT!!

Of course we had to visit the apple orchard for some cider and apple donuts!

Aiden had a BLAST with the kids!  He works so hard to keep up with them and determined to have a great time - even if he is EXHAUSTED by the end of the day!

Logan was proud to be able to show Grandfather and MomMom how well he enjoys football!

Every game they get weighed in to make sure they are under the weight limit - this season alone Logan lost close to 10 pounds!  No one could ever say that flyweights football is EASY.  Each team mate gave 100% plus!!

Love this PICTURE!!

This was the #1 team we played against - they were ROUGH!

Logan never steps off the field during a game, but right before this picture he went helmet to helmet and hit HARD with one of his opponents.  I had Kevin go check on him because this mama was worried.  He was fine, and headed back out on the field the next play.

Handing out some roughness!

Once again - taking a hard hit in the ribs and took his breath away.

Poor guy - he was playing SO hard and hates to LOSE!

Aiden LOVED watching Logan play football!!!

Off to our next game - Victoria cheering!! 
My mom was a cheerleader in school as well as myself.  I am so proud that Victoria enjoys it SO much!

Her smile and laugh is contagious!!

Pump, Pump, Pump it up!!!
So proud of our daughter this cheer season!  She did a great job! 

Before heading back home Aiden wanted to bake.  Love this little guy!!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Paramedic Class 2012

Better late than never - I am finally getting around to getting this post up on my Blog.

Back in June we were able to see Kevin graduate from his Paramedic class.  While keeping his construction business open "on the side", working his full time EMT position, and working on clinicals for his class, he also went to class twice a week - for the entire day.  It was a LONG 12 months to say the least....BUT...he did it and passed his class!

 His entire class - they seemed like an awesome group!

 Receiving his certificate!!!  It was such an amazing feeling watching him walk across the stage. :) 
Proud wife moment!

Kevin and two others from his fire department and also the Chief and Assistant Chief at the fire station. 

So excited to be finished and have their Daddy home a little more often.

While he has finished his Paramedic class, he is still not able to work as a Medic.  He still has lots to do - ride time and clinicals - before taking one more test and then it will be official. We are hoping by 2013 he will be done and ready to move on! 

It hasn't been easy on him and he is constantly on the go, but I am so thankful for a HARD working husband who has pushed himself to do something great. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Days of School...

The first week of school is over and the second has ALREADY started.  Where does the time go and how can I slow it down??  I look at Victoria and Logan and wonder....when did they get so independent, mature and just down right grown up???  It is not just bothering me, I have had a few conversations with Kevin and he feels the same way.  Especially when he looks at Victoria.  She holds a special place in his heart...Daddy's little girl. ;)

First Day of 5th Grade - last year of elementary!  She keeps reminding me of this!! :)

First day of third grade!!  He also moved to the campus where the 3rd - 5th grades, middle school and high school buildings are! He was SO excited and nervous. :)

We live less than a mile from the school so NO bus rides anymore!!  They can walk, ride or I will drop them off when the weather turns cold. 

Second day of school and riding our bikes!! They were thrilled and felt so "mature" LOL!!
You can kinda see here in this picture that Logan is for sure taller than Sis. Ever since he was 2 years old he has weighed the same amount as Victoria and has been around the same height.  This past summer he has passed her in height and now weighs at least 10 pounds more than her.  WOW!!! 

There goes my life...with the big neighborhood boys!  Talk about feeling cool.

Third day of school and they get to wear their sport uniforms to show team spirit for Saturday's game. 
My big football player - #81
So proud of what he has accomplished this year in football - one of the captains and recently won the leadership award!

Feeling the Love....LO!!! 

Victoria and Logan - we are so proud of you and all that you seek to accomplish this school year.  The love that you show to learn and to work hard makes mom and dad proud.  We love you and always want you to know that we are here for anything you need. 


We love you more, Dad and Mom!


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Updated List

I feel like I am getting back on track.  With summer break, things tend to just get so crazy with our schedules.

Two weeks from today we start school, and we will have a 5th and a 3rd grader.  YIKES!!!

My list is getting shorter and shorter and I haven't had to add anything on - yet. :)

1. Call orthodontist to schedule both Victoria and Logan's first appointments.
2. Call eye doctor to schedule both Victoria and Logan's check ups.
3. Call dentist to reschedule their cleanings - since we missed them.
4. Make math flashcards for review - since the ones from the school year conveniently disappeared. - will be finished by end of today!
5. Get Logan's football schedule and Victoria's cheer schedule to family members. - still waiting to get Logan's schedule from coaches.
6. Finish Victoria's birthday present.
7. Blog about Logan's baseball season.
8. Organize my coupons.
9. Make grooming appointment for Diesel - since I totally forgot today's appointment.
10. Finish school supply shopping. - ALMOST FINISHED!!!
11. Finish landscaping front yard. - This is being put off till end of September or at least till things slow down.

It feels so good to get things checked off lists.  Accomplishments are a great feeling!

Enjoy your day! :)

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Growing up...

Victoria's birthday was yesterday.  I took the day off because she had asked to have a sleepover with a few of her friends.  She was so excited and I must say - so was I.  She has made a couple of good friends this summer and they are all on the cheering squad together.  The girls like to practice their cheers, hang out, walk to the park - you know all the fun things that we did when we were their age. 

Honestly, I was really looking forward to yesterday because instead of thinking about the anniversary of my mother-in-laws death (which happens to also be on Victoria's birthday) I was able to keep busy with 4 girls and a birthday party.  I purposefully did not even put anything on Facebook about it being 8 years since she passed away.  I didn't want to think about - but to only concentrate on Victoria.

The day was beautiful and we spent a few hours at the pool and then off to cheer practice.  We finished up the evening with cupcakes at the fire station with Daddy. :)  She was happy and exhausted all at once that evening.  As I was putting her to bed we were talking about her uncle - who happened to be at the ER last night - and she said, "he is not having a good birthday today".  I wasn't sure what she meant because his birthday is mid August.  So I corrected her, and immediately she disagreed.  I asked her why she thought his birthday was the same as her.  She said quickly, "because that is what the tattoo says on his arm". 

Oh my, this is not the conversation I wanted to have with Victoria as her birthday was ending.  I told her what the tattoo meant and that on August 1st, her second birthday, was when her Grandma went to heaven.  She was devastated.  I held her and we both cried for a long time.  She has always known that Grandma died in a motorcycle accident, but she has never asked specifics.  Well last night that changed, and as I sat and answered all the questions she asked I didn't see a little girl.  I saw something more mature, something in her eyes that changed.  It was a bonding time that I will never forget between the two of us. 

I am SO blessed to have Victoria as my daughter.  She is such a beautiful girl inside and outside.  The past 10 years have gone by so quickly.  Victoria will graduate from high school when she is 17 years old - that is only SEVEN more years till she moves off to college....I pray that we are as then as we are now.