Saturday, November 17, 2012

October Visit with Grandparents!

It's been a couple of months and maybe one day I will expound on why I took a little blogging break but I am happy to back and have some major catching up to do!

We had a beautiful visit with my parents and nephew back in October.  The main reason for them coming out was to see the kids play sports and cheer.  It was awesome!! 

Victoria and Logan had no CLUE they were coming and were so surprised!!  LOVE IT!!

Of course we had to visit the apple orchard for some cider and apple donuts!

Aiden had a BLAST with the kids!  He works so hard to keep up with them and determined to have a great time - even if he is EXHAUSTED by the end of the day!

Logan was proud to be able to show Grandfather and MomMom how well he enjoys football!

Every game they get weighed in to make sure they are under the weight limit - this season alone Logan lost close to 10 pounds!  No one could ever say that flyweights football is EASY.  Each team mate gave 100% plus!!

Love this PICTURE!!

This was the #1 team we played against - they were ROUGH!

Logan never steps off the field during a game, but right before this picture he went helmet to helmet and hit HARD with one of his opponents.  I had Kevin go check on him because this mama was worried.  He was fine, and headed back out on the field the next play.

Handing out some roughness!

Once again - taking a hard hit in the ribs and took his breath away.

Poor guy - he was playing SO hard and hates to LOSE!

Aiden LOVED watching Logan play football!!!

Off to our next game - Victoria cheering!! 
My mom was a cheerleader in school as well as myself.  I am so proud that Victoria enjoys it SO much!

Her smile and laugh is contagious!!

Pump, Pump, Pump it up!!!
So proud of our daughter this cheer season!  She did a great job! 

Before heading back home Aiden wanted to bake.  Love this little guy!!

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