Monday, August 27, 2012

First Days of School...

The first week of school is over and the second has ALREADY started.  Where does the time go and how can I slow it down??  I look at Victoria and Logan and wonder....when did they get so independent, mature and just down right grown up???  It is not just bothering me, I have had a few conversations with Kevin and he feels the same way.  Especially when he looks at Victoria.  She holds a special place in his heart...Daddy's little girl. ;)

First Day of 5th Grade - last year of elementary!  She keeps reminding me of this!! :)

First day of third grade!!  He also moved to the campus where the 3rd - 5th grades, middle school and high school buildings are! He was SO excited and nervous. :)

We live less than a mile from the school so NO bus rides anymore!!  They can walk, ride or I will drop them off when the weather turns cold. 

Second day of school and riding our bikes!! They were thrilled and felt so "mature" LOL!!
You can kinda see here in this picture that Logan is for sure taller than Sis. Ever since he was 2 years old he has weighed the same amount as Victoria and has been around the same height.  This past summer he has passed her in height and now weighs at least 10 pounds more than her.  WOW!!! 

There goes my life...with the big neighborhood boys!  Talk about feeling cool.

Third day of school and they get to wear their sport uniforms to show team spirit for Saturday's game. 
My big football player - #81
So proud of what he has accomplished this year in football - one of the captains and recently won the leadership award!

Feeling the Love....LO!!! 

Victoria and Logan - we are so proud of you and all that you seek to accomplish this school year.  The love that you show to learn and to work hard makes mom and dad proud.  We love you and always want you to know that we are here for anything you need. 


We love you more, Dad and Mom!


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