Saturday, September 01, 2012

Paramedic Class 2012

Better late than never - I am finally getting around to getting this post up on my Blog.

Back in June we were able to see Kevin graduate from his Paramedic class.  While keeping his construction business open "on the side", working his full time EMT position, and working on clinicals for his class, he also went to class twice a week - for the entire day.  It was a LONG 12 months to say the least....BUT...he did it and passed his class!

 His entire class - they seemed like an awesome group!

 Receiving his certificate!!!  It was such an amazing feeling watching him walk across the stage. :) 
Proud wife moment!

Kevin and two others from his fire department and also the Chief and Assistant Chief at the fire station. 

So excited to be finished and have their Daddy home a little more often.

While he has finished his Paramedic class, he is still not able to work as a Medic.  He still has lots to do - ride time and clinicals - before taking one more test and then it will be official. We are hoping by 2013 he will be done and ready to move on! 

It hasn't been easy on him and he is constantly on the go, but I am so thankful for a HARD working husband who has pushed himself to do something great. 

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